Generosity – In a word, that’s what we aim to cultivate.  God is greatly generous and we want to exhibit that quality, too.

Have you ever gone to a funeral where they talked about how much the dead person owned?  Probably they talked about how much that person shared.  We all recognize sharing as a better measure of worth.

At GPC, we share with neighbors around the community and also around the world.  Every week, we give hands-on opportunities to practice living more like Jesus.

We offer practical and Biblical teaching on such matters as:

  • Managing personal finance God’s way
  • Getting out of debt
  • Saving and investing
  • Health care costs in retirement
  • Wills, bequests, and estate planning
  • Tax-advantaged giving
  • Talking with family members about money
  • Separating needs from wants

It’s impossible to follow Jesus and not be generous!  We’re not perfect, but we’re committed to growing.

GPC’s Financial Support
of the Community Engagement Ministry

Historically, GPC has allotted 10% of its annual operating budget towards witness/missions ministries. This methodology follows the Biblical principal of offering a 10% tithe for the Lord’s work. For 2015, the Community Engagement (CE) budget is slightly over $100K. Within CE, we categorize our work into three primary sub-ministries—Guest Ministries, Neighborhood Ministries, and Regional/Global Ministries.

Guest Ministries provides support to those new to GPC and includes our volunteers who greet visitors and help out at the Welcome Desk; our Muffin Ministry to second time visitors; our First Impressions team, which calls visitors; and our Life in Christ class, for those who desire to grow in discipleship and/or join the church. Guest Ministries comprises about 5% of the CE budget.

Neighborhood Ministries reaches out to those who may not enter our church doors, but have a desire to serve their neighbors or want to be part of a local community. This ministry supports various local service community organizations as well as outreach to neighbors through sports or interest groups, and comprises about 37% of the annual budget for CE.

Regional/Global Ministries supports the traditional witness/missions organizations and individual missionaries in the U.S. and across the globe. GPC engages our worldly neighbors in countries like Ecuador, Russian, Ghana, and Congo. This part of the CE ministry comprises 58% of our annual budget.

So any donor’s gift to GPC really is an eternal investment in our local and global community!

Beyond These Walls

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In 2010, GPC launched a capital campaign named “Within These Walls.”  With the money raised, we were able to make many needed repairs to the church property. It was always a part of GPC’s plan to give part of the funds collected to local and international missions and nonprofits—to share this generosity on behalf of our donors. We refer to these mission tithes as our “Beyond These Walls” gifts.


 In April 2016, GPC gave $10,000 to Nourish Now, a food recovery nonprofit organization headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. 

Nourish Now works to alleviate food insecurity in Montgomery County, Maryland, and beyond by reducing the amount of unused fresh food that would otherwise be wasted. It strives to meet this goal by collecting surplus fresh food from dedicated food donor partners throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Food is then redistributed directly to families in need and to over 60 other Montgomery County nonprofit organizations that provide food assistance to those in need.

For more information, visit






In May 2016, GPC gave $10,000 to The Outreach Foundation for relief efforts in Syria.

The news coverage of the largely Middle Eastern refugee crisis, which continues to unfold in Europe, has brought shocking images into our homes. The unsettling reality of this situation is that most of the refugees have not made it out of the Middle East and have, instead, become the humanitarian burden of nearby countries. When you compound the crisis with 3.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq and 7.6 million IDPs in Syria, you will appreciate why The Outreach Foundation has chosen to focus its efforts on finding resources for our church partners in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan as they care for neighbors—Christian, Muslim, and Yazidis—who have had to flee to a safer area in their own country or have found a safe haven across a nearby border. In all these places and through all these efforts, Christ is glorified and his name made known. The church in these places is a bright light in the darkness and a word of hope in the swirl of despair.

For more information, visit

Note:  The Outreach Foundation is Charity Navigator’s highest-rated charity in its Religious Activities group, with a four-star rating.

Christians in Syria--8


In October 2016, GPC gave $10,000 to the Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) to support recovering combat veterans and their families.

In 13 years of war, an estimated 446,000 Warriors have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). WCC is a pioneering organization that uses its Mission Based Trauma Recovery model to support recovering combat veterans and their families. They provide Warriors with a regained sense of purpose through the opportunity to engage in a critical military support mission while simultaneously receiving treatment for their own PTS and TBI symptoms. Based on the time-honored tradition of Warriors helping Warriors, their mission is to train highly skilled service dogs that provide years of mobility and social support to veterans with disabilities.

A recent Washington Post article describes what a difference these service dogs are making in the lives of veterans and their families.

For more information on WCC, visit

In November 2017, GPC gave $10,000 to Interfaith Works (IW) to support its newly renovated Women’s Center in Rockville, Maryland.

Rev. Mary Beth Lawrence presents Shane Rock, CEO of Interfaith Works, with a $10,000 check from GPC’s “Within These Walls” capital campaign. The Women’s Center provides emergency shelter, meals, and case management to more than 250 women annually through a 70-bed facility.

For more information on IW, visit

Rev. Jim Milley, Bridges Founder, Visits GPC   

On September 26, 2016, Rev. Milley visited GPC. He and Norm Gordon (a Bridge Leader supported by GPC, photo on left) both presented information about the Bridges program and answered questions. Terry Young and Steve Olin (photo on right) also gave testimonies about their experiences as Bridge Leaders.

Thank you to the speakers and attendees for a great evening!

Norm at GPC  IMG_7007  IMG_7003

Fraser and Liz Bennett

GPC supports a variety of missions at home and abroad. One of our global missionaries, Fraser Bennett, actually lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Liz, and their children. Fraser is on staff with Wycliffe Bible Translators and trains people in many countries of the Far East to translate the Bible into native languages. Recently he was in Thailand.

A quick update on Fraser’s trip to Thailand and life back in Dallas.

Thailand Trip

Thanks to all who prayed for Fraser’s recent trip to Thailand. The highlight of this year’s annual meeting of leaders from seven formal (university-based) Asian training programs was visiting a training center where members of local language communities learn to do translation and teach literacy.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 6.22.30 PM

Fraser with Asian training leaders in Thailand (some figures have been blurred for security reasons)


Thanks to all who prayed for Isaac’s scholarship to the Hiller School. A number of people offered to supplement his scholarship, and we’re very grateful.

Isaac has made amazing progress! From barely reading in 4th Grade, he is now reading at, and in some ways, above grade level. But since he is doing so well, we can’t really justify driving him downtown one more year—even though we, he, and the school, would have liked for him to return. It was a tough decision.

So now Isaac and all the other kids have started their homeschool year in earnest. We’re hopeful for a good, hard year of study.

Translation Work

Fraser’s next project at Wycliffe is to organize a meeting of translation coordinators from several organizations around the world. The topic will be how new translation consultants are trained. (For those who remember, this is a continuation of the work that we reported on earlier this year. Fraser and Dr. Dick Kroneman, our international Translation Coordinator, are co-organizing the mid-November meeting, and they have good logistical help.) Please pray that all the right people will attend and for all of the details to come together.

Alan and Fabiola Gordon

Alan and Fabiola are missionaries in Ecuador supported by GPC members.  They are with Global Outreach International, and work with a Bible Institute, a seminary program, and Sunday School music teachers.  To see more of their work, check out this video.


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