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11:00 AM – Sundays in person

Youth Group

middle and high school

11:00 AM – Sunday School 
in person and via Zoom

ages 6+

Sunday School

9:30 AM - Services in the Sanctuary
610 S. Frederick Avenue Gaitherburg, MD 20877

all are welcome


We celebrate communion at both worship services on the first Sunday of the month. The communion elements are served in sealed, pre-packaged containers. Guests are welcome to take communion. 


11:00 AM - Services in the Sanctuary and Worship by Livestream

7:00 PM – Wednesdays
in person and via Zoom



  • To worship the Lord with heart, soul, mind, and strength

  • To engage our neighbors in central Montgomery County

  • To equip each generation for Christian discipleship

A global, caring community of faith, centered in Jesus Christ, training people to share His life everywhere we go.


is called



by God to be:

Our top three priorities:

Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PC(USA)).  

Our identity as people of faith comes from our deep hope in the grace of God in Jesus Christ—a hope that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, empowers us to serve the world, grow in faith, care for one another, and live as a community of faith. 


the sovereignty of God, the authority of Scripture, justification by grace through faith, and the priesthood of all believers. God is author and giver of human life, and we live our lives in response to God’s grace. What we know about God comes from the Bible. As we read the Bible, we learn about the life and work of Jesus Christ, our teacher and Redeemer. All of us, regardless of age, status in the world, or background are called to be part of God’s work in the world. 

Some core Presbyterian beliefs are:

The PC(USA) explains, “Our salvation (justification) through Jesus is God’s generous gift to us and not the result of our own accomplishments. It is everyone’s job—ministers and lay people alike—to share this Good News with the whole world.” The Presbyterian church is governed at all levels by a combination of clergy and lay people, of all ages.   

The PC(USA) has two sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. GPC typically celebrates communion on the first Sunday of each month, and baptisms by request.   

Presbyterian churches are governed by people elected from the congregation for particular work on the governing board, which we call the Session. These Elders (who are of all ages) represent the congregation in making decisions for the church. Presbyterian churches also have Deacons, who serve the church in ministries of care and compassion.   

Having grown up in the Ohio River Valley in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, I have now lived in Maryland longer than any other state, and in Rockville since 2007. Originally trained as a manufacturing systems engineer, I learned the importance of empowering those at all levels of an organization to live fully into their giftedness. 

As a wife and mother, I have an awareness of the joys and challenges of living in intimate community. As a leadership coach, I "listen" others into their next right step. As a pastor, I embrace the calling of one who strives to proclaim the gospel in word and in deed, with a life grounded in prayer and scripture.

When I'm not at GPC. you can find me:

  • working both as a leadership coach and as the Coordinator for the Preaching for Change Initiative at NEXT Church.
  • having deep conversations with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. 
  • on the sidelines cheering on one of my kids. 
  • engaged in some form of creativity. (I am a true omnicrafter!)

phone ext. 1109

Transitional Pastor



(part-time, preaching 2 Sundays/month)

I’m a native southerner, but feel quite at home in Maryland. After graduating from college, I earned my Master of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary and served a congregation in the Atlanta area before coming to Gaithersburg in 2002.

Here at GPC, I’ve met people from all over the world and have had the privilege of traveling to Ghana and to the Middle East to celebrate what God is doing in other parts of the world. 

When I’m not in the church building, you can find me:

  • in my kitchen – I enjoy cooking!
  • dreaming of my next overseas trip (France in 2023).
  • throwing the ball for my dog, Ky – he lives for this!

phone ext. 1104

Associate Pastor


MARY beth lawrence

THE REV. MARY beth lawrence

I became GPC’s Director of Children and Young Families in 2017. Over the years, I have enjoyed many roles, including Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School teacher and director, Godly Play leader, church elder, lay leader, and coordinator of our former Wednesday evening children’s activities. Before joining the GPC staff, I was a preschool and kindergarten teacher for many years. My husband, Stuart, and I have been active members of GPC since 1998, and are the parents of an adult daughter, Sarah. 

I love my job! I love working with children, families, and adults. I love learning and sharing interesting things with the different groups that I work with, and discovering connections that we hadn’t expected to find. I’m excited to continue growing into this job, exploring all avenues and maybe even creating some new ones.

When I’m not at GPC, you can find me:
  • in my garden.
  • walking our dog, Eddie.
  • reading.

phone ext. 1114

Director of Children and Young Families



Many words have been used to describe me: people person, creative, kind, team player, compassionate, funny, outgoing, leader, talkative, caring, honest, and a child of God. My special gifts are creativity, compassion, humor, organization, leadership, and teaching. Most of all, I have a love for Christ, a love for people, and a heart to serve. I have a passion for serving in and with ministries, I’m an advocate for developing leaders in and out of church settings, and I enjoy using creative ways to help foster spiritual growth. I’ve been serving in ministry since 1994 and have enjoyed every moment of the journey.

When I’m not involved in ministry, you can find me:

  • baking some delicious sweet treats to share.
  • admiring my shoe collection and trying to make room for more shoes.
  • headed to a baseball game at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

phone ext. 1115

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries



I've lived in Maryland my whole life. My husband, Chris, and I live in Rockville with our four daughters: teenagers Kaylee and Leah, and twins Elise and Isabelle, who are attending GPP&K. Our Bulldog, Bentley, is also part of the family.

After receiving my Associate in Arts degree from Montgomery College, I taught preschool. I have 15+ years of early childhood experience as a teacher and leader and am excited to have joined GPP&K. Before becoming a staff member here, I worked as a director of an early learning center. During that time, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education Administration.

When I'm not at the church building, you can find me:

  • in my kitchen (I love finding new recipes to cook and bake).
  • in my garden (in the past couple of years, I’ve discovered a love for gardening).
  • dancing anywhere with friends and family (I love all kinds of music and dancing).
  • watching professional football and college basketball.
  • going to the beach.

phone ext. 1115

Gaithersburg Preschool & Kindergarten Director



The path that brought me to working at GPC in 2015 may be considered an unusual one. After graduating from Walkersville High School in Frederick and doing home improvement work for a bit, I joined the Navy. Through my military service I studied communications and traveled the world! Two years later, in civilian life, I returned to construction work and then joined my father in the autobody business for the next 34 years. In 2010, I had the opportunity to manage the facilities at my local church. Realizing that I felt called to do this, I studied project management. Shortly afterwards I found my work home at GPC. My wife, Allison, and I have four adult sons—Phillip, Tony, Nick, and Dillon—and I feel blessed by the many ways in which God continues to work in my life.

Some fun facts about activities outside my GPC duties:

  • I built most of my home and am still working on it.
  • While stationed on a Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, I visited Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Africa.
  • My wife and I love to travel and have vacationed in Martinique, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Aruba, among other destinations.

phone ext. 1108

Facilities Manager




My finance and asset management career spans 40 years, including 18 years at Marriott and 10 years in Senior Housing with Sunrise Senior Living and other senior housing providers. I graduated from Calvin College in Michigan and earned my Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Maryland. I’m passionate about timely, accurate reporting and stewarding God’s good gifts. My wife, Susan, and I reside in Gaithersburg, where we raised four wonderful children—Nora, Peter, Emily, and Brett.

When I’m not working at the church, I may be:

  • golfing.
  • gardening.
  • biking.
  • watching Maryland basketball or Minnesota Twins baseball (I’m crazy about them!).

phone ext. 1107

Accounting Manager




I'm an Ohio native with diverse experience in the design and marketing fields and have worked with small businesses, non-profit organizations, and churches during my career. I began working for GPC in 2016, but after living in Washington, DC, only briefly, my husband, Vince, and I moved to New York City for his job. Fortunately, I’ve been able to continue working in my role with GPC on a remote basis. I love talking, so maybe that’s why I chose the communications field, but I also love God-moments, so I like to think that I ended up here for a reason. GPC is a special place and I really believe anyone who finds themselves inside these doors will leave feeling loved and hopeful. 

When I’m not working at my computer, I’m likely to be:

  • mommying my two young daughters, Xyla and Sylvie.
  • spending time near the water (put me at the pool, lake, or beach and I’m happy!).
  • eating! I love exploring new restaurants and cooking new dishes with my husband, Vince.

phone ext. 1100

Communications Manager




Although born in Oklahoma, I have lived most of my life in Maryland. I grew up in North Bethesda and attended Chevy Chase United Methodist Church, where I played in the bell choir and sang in the choirs. After college in the Midwest, I returned to Maryland, married and moved our family to Damascus, where I became part of the music ministry at Damascus UMC, and where my two now adult children, Rob and Rin, grew up fully immersed in the music and youth program there. At DUMC, I taught children’s choirs, Kindermusik, accompanied the 65-voice youth choir and sang in the adult choir. Eventually, I moved on to become the music director for other congregations, and have now made my way to GPC. I am happy and excited to be here!

I am passionate about the joy and fellowship that music can create. As an elementary general music teacher with MCPS for 19 years, I know the way that music can touch and change lives. It has the potential to create community and provide depth and breadth of worship in a profound way. It gives great meaning to my life to be able to share the transforming power of music with others.

When I'm not at the GPC, you will find me:

  • Walking my two dogs, Victoria (English setter) and Daisy (Aussie/Lab mix)
  • Birding in Montgomery County and the Eastern Shore
  • Baking (my favorite hobby!)
  • At the beach or the pool

Director of Music

Katherine Williams


I’m delighted to be GPC’s Interim Handbell Director. Prior to coming to GPC, I enjoyed a multi-faceted musical career that has taken me around the world as a conductor and flutist. I’m also currently the Music Director for the Montgomery Philharmonic and DCflutes. The orchestra’s mission is to serve our community by playing a repertoire that includes women and BIPOC composers and brings their music into the canon of great music.

Because I am committed to educating our next generation of musicians, I also teach elementary school orchestral strings for Fairfax Couty Public Schools. Previously, I worked in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids program, serving as the woodwinds chair and conducting the OrchKids Orchestra. I have also conducted youth honor orchestras and served on music juries in the DMV and Pennsylvania.

Outside of the church, you will most likely find me:

  • Teaching more than 200 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders how to play stringed instruments – truly a joy!
  • Traveling to Europe and Asia to guest conduct great orchestras all over the world.
  • Going for a hike at least once a week.

Interim Handbell Director (part-time)

Sandra Ragusa


I live in Arlington, Virginia, but consider myself to be a native of the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina), because I’ve lived or worked in all three of those cities. Home and its many definitions mean a lot to me. I was ordained in my home church in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2014. Before coming to GPC in 2022, I served churches in Alexandria, Virginia, and in Wilmington and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I believe the best thing about the Presbyterian Church USA is that it is a connectional church. 

Some personal details about me not related to GPC:

  • My brain is 90% song lyrics. 
  • I love the city of New Orleans. 
  • My birthday wish this year was to become a better fan of Zendaya.

phone ext. 1104

Minister to Young Adults

THE REV. Whitney fauntleroy



Whitney fauntleroy

Church Officers

are elected and serve as Ruling Elders on Session, the church’s governing council.


work closely with pastors and church staff to drive our mission forward.


Deacons and Trustees

Lay Leaders

Today, our members still come from across the U.S. as well as from over 30 different countries. We speak multiple languages at home but come together in the household of faith.

We’re more of a regional church, now, as many members drive 20 miles or more to worship God in a global, caring community of faith.

Then, our members came from across the United States as people flocked here to work for the federal government and other national organizations.

Most members lived within the city limits of Gaithersburg or in nearby neighborhoods.

GPC was formally organized with 82 charter members in May 1964, when Route 355 was only a two–lane road and dairy farms were still nearby. 



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