I am NOT a big Elvis fan, so I was VERY surprised to learn that the lyrics that have been bouncing around in my head for the last couple of days were written by none other than the king.  “Before you abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes.” The rest of the […]

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Young Families

{From Traci Smith’s Treasure Box Tuesday, 1.17.23} Today for productivity Tuesday, I’ll be talking about habits. (yes, again!)  One of the things that feels somewhat “accidental” about studying faith practice is that I’ve also become somewhat of an expert on habits. Perhaps expert is too strong a word, but I’ve learned quite a bit about […]

Five Thoughts About Habits 

Young Families

We Presbyterians have a Book of Confessions which is not a tell all book of all of our bad deeds, it is the first part of our Constitution, and consists of the creeds, cathecisms and confessions that are what we believe or have believed; the second part being the Book of Order which essentially covers […]

“Confessions” Are Good for The Soul

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I don’t know whether you have noticed the Advent Candles in the western windows of the Sanctuary, but here is a picture of them with the morning sun coming through them. Each Sunday during Advent, members of our church were asked a question that related to the theme for that week of Advent. The first […]

Advent Candles: Imagined Questions from Dr. King

Young Families

The Holiday Spirit is in the air!! Time to open our GPC online cookbook to four of Francie Whitlock’s favorite holiday recipes. As she says, paraphrasing the words of a famous doughboy: “Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven and GPC says it best!” Enjoy a new featured recipe each week!    Scottish Shortbread […]

Holiday Recipes from your Communications Committee!


 Forgiveness has, so far, been my favorite of the Follow Me series, I think because it has all pointed to this week’s lesson – that forgiveness is not about what has happened, but what you make of it, forgiveness is about building bridges into the future.    The picture of the arched bridge is a […]

Forgiveness is About Building Bridges

Young Families

We are so fortunate that Traci Smith shares some of her work through one of her blogs. Though this is a little early, I agree with her that if you decide as a family to set an Advent Intention, you should give yourself time to think and pray about it together. If you would like […]

Setting An Advent Intention

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We started the day knowing that this was it, our final full day of work. We arrived on site ready to go on our remaining punch list items. We have reluctantly accepted the fact that we are not going to be able to finish everything. Our most patient and skilled workers busied themselves with kitchen countertop cutting and installing; kitchen sink and faucet installing; and more trim […]

November 2022 GPC Mission Trip to New Bern, N.C. – Day 5: Our Last Full Day of Work and a Salute to our Volunteer Cooks!

Mission Trips

Today was a great day for us! First, we got a whole lot accomplished at the worksite. Saws were buzzing as long lengths of baseboard trim were being cut after much meticulous measuring; paint brushes were swishing as doors were painted and walls touched up; caulk guns were firing on all cylinders as the seemingly […]

November 2022 GPC Mission Trip to New Bern, N.C. – Day 4: We Shared Time with Three Special Mary’s

Mission Trips

Most of us stretched out our newly sore muscles last night and started out in pretty good shape today. But…after working really hard, our muscles are sore all over again! No pain, no gain, right?     And we did really gain in making a dent in our punch list today…from the gals with guns […]

November 2022 GPC Mission Trip to New Bern, N.C. – Day 3: Who’s Got the Ben Gay!

Mission Trips